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You can track the progress of your domestic Belgaum flights using our live arrivals and departures display. Use our quick filter for selecting the airline, origin/destination, or flight time to switch between arriving and leaving flights from Belgaum and for locating the flight you are looking for. The flight monitor will also keep you updated about where your Belgaum flight will land or leave at any delays.

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For all enquiries about reservations, flights, baggage allocations or general Air Balgaum enquiries, call +64 (07) 345 65475 or (0800) 747 21222. Please ensure that you refresh your screen for the most up to date information.

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In addition to this, you can also keep your plans fluid by looking for no-change-fee flights. If you are not ready to book your flight just now, then sign up for an account for creating price alerts and to book the fare that is most appropriate for your budget.

Jazeera Airways

Get Travel Extras for Your Trip with Jazeera Airways

Jazeera Cafe

You can make the most of your flight and pre-order your meal using our Jazeera Cafe menu. There is everything for you to choose from local flavors to international favorites.

Jazeera Screens

Just sit back buckle up and get ready for being entertained with the new in-flight entertainment app that is Jazeera Screens.


The VIV Terminal is the perfect start or end for your holiday getaway or business trip. The VIV facilitates you with a private and luxurious experience at the airport.

MakeMy Trip

You may opt for booking a flight on MakeMy Trip by following five easy steps:
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  • 3. Select your air travel dates
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How to Avail Budget Air Tickets on MakeMy Trip?

Alternatively, you can also make use of the MakeMy Trip app to book your flight tickets. You are only required to download the MakeMy Trip app. In addition to this, you have to fill in the necessary details, i.e. arrival and departure destinations, date of your journey, travel class of your choice, select your best comfortable options, and then hit click on 'Book Now'.

It is also extremely easy to avail budget airfare when you are going to book your flight tickets on MakeMy Trip. Once the available flight options will be displayed and get adjusted according to your convenience, you are required to select the 'Price' filter. You may opt for selecting the download arrow on the MakeMy Trip that will show the lowest airfare to you at the top and then you can continue downward in ascending order.

How to Avail of Domestic Flight Offers on MakeMy Trip?

You can avail of any special offer that is active at that point in time while making your domestic flight bookings. A listing of eligible flights would be shown up on the screen of your mobile phone or computer according to the offer selected. Then, you may opt for applying the price filter and click on the downward arrow, following which budget-friendly flights would start showing up in ascending order from the top. It signifies that the lowest price will be shown on top.

Air Vistara

Choose Vistara if you are looking for an outstanding flying experience whether you are traveling for your leisure or business. The extensive network of Vistara across the country which is topped with the warmest service in the Indian skies facilitates you in reaching your destination very easily along with having an unforgettable flying experience.


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How to Book Cheap Flight Tickets on Ixigo?

  • To get the cheapest deals book your flight tickets in advance.
  • If you want to get cheaper flight tickets, be flexible and consider flying during your off-peak hours.
  • Sign up for the Ixigo fare alerts feature for getting notified when your flight tickets become cheaper.
  • If you have time, then try to book stopover flights. The reason is that those flights that have multiple stops are most often cheaper.
  • Avoid traveling on weekends because usually air tickets are higher during this period.
  • Try budget airlines for booking cheap flight tickets.