Car Parking At Belgaum Airport: Go Ahead And Read!

Car Parking Information

Car Parking On Belgaum Airport

Passengers at the Belgaum Airport are facilitated with the utmost freedom at the car parking facilities to travel to any location of their choice by offering for parking their vehicles at the parking lot of Belgaum Airport because they can enhance the availability of their time for their trip. Regular travelers and tourists both may opt for making use of the parking lot at the Belgaum Airport not only very safe but also hassle-free.

All those people who park their vehicles in this parking lot will leverage this benefit. Any person may use this connection from inside the parking lot itself. This facility directly connects to terminal buildings and it is made available for the convenience of individuals. In addition to this, here at this airport, you can find a link that is made available for each parking lot on its own.

Users or any travelers, whenever they want, may rely on these available parking lots to be accessible, whether it would be at midnight or in the mid of the day. They can also take it into their use at any point in time whenever they desire. They can also utilize this awareness for being prepared for what is going to come on their way. They will definitely have access to this ideal parking lot at the Belgaum Airport which is always made available for them.


If you have come to Belgaum Airport for dropping off someone and you want to park your vehicle just for a short period, then you may park your vehicle in this drop-off zone.

10 MIN -3 DAYS

Have you entered Belgaum Airport from your car and have to take a flight from here and look for a parking space to park your vehicle at the Belgaum Airport for 2-3 days, then the short-term parking lot at this airport is made available just for you.


If you have entered Belgaum Airport from your car and going to take a flight from here and searching for a parking space where you would park your car for a period of above 3 days, then the long-term parking space at the Belgaum Airport is the best option for you.

Car Parking Information

Drop-off Zones

The drop-off parking zones situated outside of the Belgaum terminal are available only for dropping-off passengers. All vehicles should always remain attended in the drop-off zone of the Belgaum Airport Parking. If any kind of infringement of these rules occurs there, the person will be required to pay a fine of $50. In addition to this, the vehicle of that person might also get removed at the discretion of the airport.

Meanwhile, if any visitors have come to this airport for dropping off or for picking up any of their relatives or friends and want to stay at the airport for a longer period and to park their vehicle, then they must park their vehicles in the short- term parking zone for up to around one hour.

Disabled Car Parking

Disabled Car Parking at the premise of Belgaum Airport is available, particularly for physically disabled people. They may very easily and conveniently opt for parking their vehicles in this Disabled car parking lot.

Car Park Security

Once you are done parking your vehicle at the parking lot of Belgaum Airport Parking, you must not be worried or concerned at all about the security of your vehicle as this space is under the surveillance of authorized people in addition to the security of CCTV surveillance.

Terms and Conditions

Each individual who enters these parking lots for parking their vehicles must adhere to all the terms and conditions of this parking as any kind of infringement to this will incur a heavy amount of fine.