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Belgaum Airport understands that passengers may occasionally misplace or lose their belongings while traveling. To assist passengers in recovering lost items, the airport provides a dedicated Lost & Found service. Here's detailed information about the Lost & Found service at Belgaum Airport:


The Lost & Found office at Belgaum Airport is typically located within the terminal building, near the information desk or baggage claim area. Clear signage directs passengers to the Lost & Found facility.

Operating Hours:

The Lost & Found service operates during standard airport hours, ensuring that passengers can report lost items and retrieve them in a timely manner. However, it's advisable to check the operating hours in advance, as they may vary depending on airport policies and staffing.

Reporting Lost Items:

Passengers who have lost items at Belgaum Airport can report the loss to the Lost & Found office. This can be done in person at the office or by contacting airport staff or security personnel for assistance. Promptly reporting lost items increases the chances of recovery.

Item Description and Identification:

When reporting a lost item, passengers are required to provide detailed information about the missing item, including its description, size, color, brand, and any distinguishing features. Providing identifying information, such as a baggage tag number or serial number, can facilitate the recovery process.

Search and Retrieval Process:
  • Upon receiving a report of a lost item, the airport staff initiates a search process to locate the missing item within the airport premises. This may involve checking security cameras, contacting relevant departments, and conducting a thorough search of the area where the item was last seen.
  • If the lost item is found, the airport staff notifies the passenger and arranges for its retrieval. Passengers may be required to provide proof of ownership or identification before the item is released to them.
Storage Duration:

Belgaum Airport typically stores lost items for a certain period, allowing passengers sufficient time to claim their belongings. The duration for which items are held in the Lost & Found office may vary depending on airport policies and regulations.

Claiming Lost Items:
  • Once a lost item is located and identified, passengers can claim their belongings from the Lost & Found office. Passengers are required to provide proof of ownership or identification, such as a photo ID or travel documents, before the item is released to them.
  • Depending on airport procedures, passengers may be required to sign a receipt or acknowledgment upon claiming their lost items.
Unclaimed Items:

If a lost item remains unclaimed after a certain period, it may be disposed of or donated to charity in accordance with airport policies and regulations. However, airports typically make reasonable efforts to reunite lost items with their rightful owners before taking such actions.

Lost & Found Fees:

Belgaum Airport may charge a nominal fee for storing and handling lost items. The fee structure is usually based on the type of item, storage duration, and any additional services provided. Passengers are informed about any applicable fees before claiming their lost items.

Lost & Found Policies:

Passengers utilizing the Lost & Found service are required to adhere to certain policies and procedures, including providing accurate information about lost items, cooperating with airport staff during the search process, and collecting their belongings within the specified timeframe

Belgaum Airport's Lost and Found desk is located at the airport. For assistance, you can contact the airport at 0831-256 2020 . According to the Airports Authority of India, you must collect your item from the airport within 10 days of receiving confirmation of claim approval. After 24 hours, you can collect your item from AAI Stores, which are open Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM to 6 PM, except on holidays.

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