Facilities for your comfort at Belgaum Airport.

Belagavi Airport now offers a convenient 'Park and Fly' facility, allowing passengers to park their vehicles for extended periods while they travel. Managed by PCT Multi Services under a contract awarded by the Airports Authority of India, this service provides passengers with the comfort of driving to and from the airport in their own vehicles.

Parking Charges

Type of Vehicle 00 to 30 min 30 to 120 min Beyond 2 Hours
Coach, Bus, Truck Rs. 20/- Rs. 50/- Rs. 10/- per hour increase after 2 hours
Tempo, SUV, Mini Bus Rs. 20/- Rs. 35/- Rs. 10/- per hour increase after 2 hours
Car Rs. 20/- Rs. 35/- Rs. 10/- per hour increase after 2 hours
Two-Wheeler Rs. 10/- Rs. 15/- Rs. 5/- per hour increase after 2 hours

Note: These charges are not applicable if the vehicle is dropping off or picking up passengers. Fees are only applicable upon entering the parking bay.

For vehicles exceeding 7 hours up to 24 hours, the parking rate will be 300% of the 30 minutes to 120 minutes slab, with subsequent 24-hour periods or part thereof charged at the existing rates.

Monthly Charges for Employees of Authorized Agencies:

Tempo & Truck Operators at Cargo Complex: Rs. 2000 per tempo , Rs. 3000 per truck

Other Cars: Rs. 500/-

Other Two-Wheelers: Rs. 250/-

- Agent/License at Cargo Complex: Rs. 1500/-

With the 'Park and Fly' facility at Belagavi Airport, travelers can enjoy the convenience of parking their vehicles securely while they embark on their journey, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience from start to finish.

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